State of the Department 26 August 1998


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State of the Department 26 August 1998

Goals of this Administration

Administrative Team

Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Vision Statement

The Information Age

The Information Age

Importance of Information Technology to California

California Means Internet

Research Funding (1995-96)

What Makes Berkeley Special

Berkeley Tradition of Experimental Computing Systems Research

Track Record of Research that Leads Industry

Major New Research Initiatives

Major New Research Infrastructure

Student and Faculty Statistics

Recent Faculty Recognition

College of Engineering Growth

Faculty Growth

Faculty Growth

Faculty FTE Breakdown

Departmentís Strategic Plan

Last Yearís High Priority Recruiting Areas

Space: The Final Frontier

Software Jobs Go Begging

Accelerating Demand for Our Graduates

UG Degree History at Berkeley

Undergraduate Enrollment Trends

A New Vision for EECS

Old View of EECS

New View of EECS

PPT Slide

Curriculum Redesign

Five Undergraduate Programs


Author: Randy H. Katz


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