The Endeavour Expedition: Charting the Fluid Information Utility

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-1776



"Endeavour": To strive or reach; a serious determined effort (Webster’s 7th New Collegiate Dictionary), British spelling; Captain Cook’s ship from his first voyage of exploration of the great unknown of his day: the southern Pacific Ocean (1768-1771); It was said of James Cook, “He left nothing to his successors other than to marvel at the completeness of his work.”

Our Mission: Achieve nothing less than radically enhancing human understanding through the use of information technology, by making it dramatically more convenient for people to interact with information, devices, and other people. We will achieve this by developing a revolutionary Information Utility, able to operate at planetary scale. To validate the architecture, we will stress it under demanding applications for rapid decision making and learning. In addition, we will develop new methodologies for the construction and administration of systems of this unprecedented scale and complexity. Our success will be measured by how effectively our architecture actually amplifies and leverages human intellect.

Project Links:

BAA 99-07 Proposal (HTML)

Endeavour Expedition Team





Randy H. Katz, 17 July 1999,