CS 268: Graduate Computer Networking Syllabus


There are no official texts for the course. As background, we suggest several texts:


Your final grade for the course will be based on the following weights:

There will be two in-class quizzes, currently scheduled for 13 October and 3 December.

The project in CS 268 is an open-ended research project, ideally done in groups of two. The project requires a proposal, a checkpoint status report, a poster presentation, and a final report.

An essential component of the course is to read and understand the core research literature of the networking field. You will be required to submit paper summaries before class and to participate in classroom discussion. This will be worth 20% of your grade.


Date Presenter Topics Notes Readings
Th 08/27 RHK Intro: History and Context: Packet switching.
[pdf] [ppt]
Part 1: Internetworking
Tu 09/01 RHK Internetworking: Architectural Principles, Names, Addresses
[pdf] [ppt]
Active Networks and the E2E Principle [pdf]
Rethinking the End-to-End Argument [pdf]
Tussles in Cyberspace [pdf]
1. End-to-End Arguments
2. Internet Design Philosophy
Th 09/03 RHK Interdomain Routing
[pdf] [ppt]
BGP Tutorial and Configuration Examples
Recent BGP Misconfiguration Problems
3. Routing Notes
4. Understanding BGP Misconfiguration
Part 2: Resource Management
Tu 09/08 RHK End-to-End Congestion Control
[pdf] [ppt]
TCP Tutorial 5. Increase/Decrease Algorithms
6. Congestion Avoidance
Th 09/10 RHK Fair Queueing
[pdf] [ppt]
7. WFQ
Tu 09/15 RHK Router congestion control
[pdf] [ppt]
9. RED
10. XCP
Part 3: Enterprise and Datacenter Networking
Th 09/17 RHK Enterprise Networking
[ppt, pdf]
Floodless [ppt, pdf]
NetMedic [pptx, pdf]
11. Floodless in Seattle
12. Diagnosis in Enterprise Networks
Tu 09/22 RHK Datacenter Networking
[pdf] [ppt]
Portland [pdf]
VL2 [pptx, pdf, pptx, pdf]
13. PortLand DC Fabric
14. VL2 DC Network
Th 09/24 RHK Initial Project Proposals
Tu 09/29 RG,YC The Incast Problem
[pdf] [ppt]
CMU Incast [pdf]
Berkeley Incast [pdf]
15. Fine-grained TCP Retransmission
16. Understanding TCP Collapse
Part 4: Wireless
Th 10/01 RHK Wireless Networks Overview and Architectures
[pdf] [ppt]
Background Material on Wireless Overview [pdf], Modulation [pdf], and Media Access [pdf] 17. Macaw
18. Wireless TCP
Tu 10/06 RHK Wireless Networks in the Real World
[pdf] [ppt]
Managing Chaotic Networks 19. Modeling Wireless Links
20. Roofnet
Th 10/08 RHK Routing in Ad-hoc Networks
[pdf] [ppt]
21. Path Metric
22. Protocol Comparison
Tu 10/13 RG Quiz #1 Solution Q1, Solution Q2, Solution Q3,
Solution Q4, Solution Q5
Th 10/15 RHK Making the Best of Broadcast
[pdf] [ppt]
ExOR SIGCOMM talk Slides: ppt, PDF. 23. ExOR
24. Xors In The Air
Tu 10/20 RHK WiFi and Mobility
[ppt] [ppt]
ViFi SIGCOMM Presentation [pdf]
WhiteFi SIGCOMM Presentation [pdf]
25. WiFi Connectivity to Moving Vehicles
26. White Space Networking
Th 10/22 RHK Research Project Checkpoints Short Project Presentations
Part 5: Applications, Naming, and Overlays
Tu 10/27 RHK Topology
[pdf] [ppt]
Gao's SIGCOMM Slides [ppt, pdf]
27. Power Laws
28. Inferring AS Relationships
Th 10/29 RHK Overlay Networks
[pdf] [ppt]
An overview of overlay networks and CMU/MIT notes on p2p. 29. RON
30. Active Networks
Tu 11/03 RHK Distributed Hash Tables
[pdf] [ppt]
See also DHT Geometry Comparison paper. 31. DHT Survey
32. Chord DHT
Th 11/05 RHK DNS and the Web
[pdf] [ppt]
Coral CDN: CoralNSDI04, Semantic-Free Referencing: SFR 33. DNS
34. DNS Caching
Tu 11/10 RHK New Network Architecture i3 [pdf] [ppt]
Policy Switching [pdf] [ppt]
35. i3
36. Policy-Aware Switching
Part 6: Miscellaneous Topics
Th 11/12 RHK Tracing and Prototyping NetFPGA Website
NetFPGA [pdf]; xTrace [ppt, ppt]
37. NetFPGA
38. X Trace
Tu 11/17 No Class Meeting
Th 11/19
RHK Multicast
[pdf] [ppt]
39. SRM
40. App Layer Multicast
Th 11/19
RHK Network Energy Issues Electric Bill [pptx] [pdf]
Idle [ppt] [pdf]
41. Cutting Electricity Bill
42. Skilled in Art of Being Idle
Tu 11/24 RHK BotNets Not-A-Bot [pdf]
Bot Graph [pdf]
43. BotNet Attacks
44. BotNet Detection
Th 11/26 RHK Thanksgivings Day
Tu 12/01 No Class Meeting
Th 12/03 No Class Meeting
Tu 12/08 RHK Class Wrap-up and
Research Project Poster Session
[pdf] [ppt]
Th 12/10 RHK Quiz #2

Reading List

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