CS 268, Fall 2009: Computer Networks

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CS 268 is a graduate course in computer networks. The goals are:

The past few years have seen a remarkable growth in the global network infrastructure. The Internet has grown from a research curiosity to something we all take for granted.

How does this network infrastructure work? What are the design principles upon which it is based, and how are those principles applied in practice? How can we make the Internet work better today? We will examine these issues and more during the course.

This course assumes a basic familiarity with networking concepts. The course will consist of a reading/lecture/discussion component and a project component. The class will cover approximately 40 research papers on various aspects of computer networking. These papers will introduce students to the basic design principles on which today's networks are based. In addition, these papers will cover recent proposals to improve network performance, functionality and scalability. Specific topics that will be covered include: LAN/WAN technologies, congestion/flow control, traffic analysis, routing, internetworking, multicast, and quality of service. Students are expected to read papers before the class and participate in the discussion during the class.

Course Staff


Randy H. Katz 413 Soda 510-642-8778 M 3-4 PM/W 1-2 PM, 413 Soda

Course Blog

This semester each student will be expected to create his or her own blog site, and to post their reactions to assigned readings (in advance of class meetings) and in-class discussion (after class meetings) to this site. The course instructor's blog site is http://cs268computernetworking.blogspot.com/.

Course Group

Please join the CS 268 Fall 2009 Facebook group. This requires a Facebook account (you mean you don't have one yet?!?). First, you are going to have to become my friend (see http://www.facebook.com/randy.katz). Then. as the group administrator, I will approve your membership (see http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=145286190238).

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