Beyond Research


  1. I participated once as a panelist in Panel Discussion on “Teaching and Learning Mathematics at IIT Bombay” conducted at Institute Level where I shared the stage with a few esteemed professors from mathematics department and some other undergraduate students. Slides from my 10-minute presentation can be found here: pdf.

  2. In my junior year I presented about the importance of academics and internships, healthy interaction between students and professors to an audience of freshmen and sophomores. The video of the talk can be found here. (Disclaimer: The language is pretty informal, in fact as informal as a junior year undergraduate can get with “his juniors”, as the audience comprised of simply the undergraduate students.)


I started writing a blog to share my experiences with changing phases of my life. The posts have been mainly informative in nature, where I try to provide as much relevant information as possible from my own experience. The purpose of the blog was to get away with the need of repetition of information from my side and also give the same picture of various events and preparation needed to the students. The posts can be classified in the following categories:

  • Preparation for the IIT-JEE (the entrance exam for my undergraduate college)

  • Information about Research Internship

  • Preparation and Interview Experience for the Job Market in my senior year

  • Preparation for GRE and the Apping Process for Graduate Studies (coming soon)


I like playing squash and biking around in my free time besides watching movies and following politics. After coming to US, the latest of these got a boost in its time share as now I have to keep a track of the largest and the oldest democracies at the same time! Over the summer, I started hiking and would love to continue spending time on my latest hobby. I used to love Cricket but have been losing interest in it with the retirement of my childhood favorites. I want to get into some serious reading, have been trying for quite sometime now but I have been a very bad student on this front. I also like interacting with people, and I take out time to talk and discuss things specially with my juniors and have had some success mentoring a few.