"The entropy of a system must increase, randomness is fun, passion, the spirit and adventure the nature of life."

This page talks about the non academic activities that I was involved at IIT Kanpur.

In case, you want to know about the Positions of Responsibilities I have held, visit my positions page.
  • Sports

  • The thrill of playing a game is an exotic expereince. I think life is incomplete without sports. I love playing water polo and cricket. Infact, our team won the Inter-IIT "Water Polo Championship" in 2009 and 2010. I play at the position of center attacker in my team. I am picking up Lawn Tennis these days.
  • Robotics/Electronics

  • Artificial Intelligence fascinates me, so does building robots. I had build a Line follower robot in my first year and was aslo the member of the Robocon Team. Playing around with circuits and getting them to work finally is also a fun activity. Techkriti-08 was a good experience when I and Pratyush had built the chat client in the embedded design competition where we ended up winning the second prize.
    I have also delivered a few lectures on micro controllers (with focus on Atmega-16).

    Currently, I am the General Secretary of the Science and Technology council of IITK. Among other activities, I organized Takneekthe Inter-Hostel Technical festival.
  • Music

  • I love classical music, especially Hindustani instrumental music. I love playing "Mohan Veena" (a modified archtop guitar). I also hold the degree of Sangeet Prabhakar (equivalent to a Bachelorís degree) in Instrumental Indian classical Music from Prayag Sangeet Samiti,Allahabad. I participated in Rendezvous, Antragini and Mood-I. I have also performed at the Musical Extravaganza of IITK a couple of times.
  • Adventure Sports

  • Adventure is life for me. I had been on a cycling trip (160kms) to Sikkim with the Adventure Club of IITK. I have also invloved myself in a sky dive from 14,000ft, scuba dive, snorkelling and rafting at Cairns, Australia.
  • Reading

  • Reading is among one of my favourite passtimes. Paulo Coelho, Dan Brown are among the writers I like the best. I aslo enjoyed World is Flat from Thomas Friedman.