Design of a Wireless Sensor Network Platform for Detecting Rare, Random, and Ephemeral Events,
Prabal Dutta, Mike Grimmer, Anish Arora, Steven Bibyk, and David Culler,
In The Fourth International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN'05), 2005.


Abstract - We present the design of the eXtreme Scale Mote, a new sensor network platform for reliably detecting and classifying, and quickly reporting, rare, random, and ephemeral events in a large-scale, longlived, and retaskable manner. This new mote was designed for the ExScal project which seeks to demonstrate a 10,000 node network capable of discriminating civilians, soldiers and vehicles, spread out over a 10km^2 area, with node lifetimes approaching 1,000 hours of continuous operation on two AA alkaline batteries. This application posed unique functional, usability, scalability, and robustness requirements which could not be met with existing hardware, and therefore motivated the design of a new platform. The detection and classification requirements are met using infrared, magnetic, and acoustic sensors. The infrared and acoustic sensors are designed for low-power continuous operation and include asynchronous processor wakeup circuitry. The usability and scalability requirements are met by minimizing the frequency and cost of human-in-the-loop operations during node deployment, activation, and verification through improvements in the user interface, packaging, and configurability of the platform. Recoverable retasking is addressed by using a grenade timer that periodically forces a system reset. The key contributions of this work are a specific design point and general design methods for building sensor network platforms to detect exceptional events.

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