Johnny Dusterseed
Photo Credit and Copyright: Peter Menzel

Peter set up this photo of me for a German magazine story (which never ran).  We spent about two hours with me blowing various sizes and colors of glitter until he got the photo just the way he wanted it.  I had glitter in my hair, clothes, you name it.  The Hogan room was a mess.  I left silvery footprints for hours after the shoot.  ...but it was fun.
The background is a projected image of a polysilicon Fresnel lens, representing the future of Smart Dust optical communication: on-board laser diodes with collimated, steered output beams.  The lens was designed by Li Yuan Lin when she was working with me and Prof. Ming Wu at UCLA.

"Three-Dimensional Micro-Fresnel Optical Elements Fabricated by Micromachinining Technique," L. Y. Lin, S. S. Lee, K. S. J. Pister, and M. C. Wu, Electronics Letters, Vol. 30, No. 5, pp. 448-449, March 1994.