Peitong Duan

About Me

I am a first year PhD student in EECS at UC Berkeley, advised by Marti Hearst. My research lies at the intersection of human computer interaction and AI. Specifically, I am interested in building user models and applying them to computationally improve user interface designs.

Previously, I received my Bachelors and Masters in computer science from MIT, and then worked as a software engineer at Google. After that, I spent one year at Intel as an AI research resident, mentored by Casimir Wierzynski. Then, I returned to Google to work on text input research, advised by Shumin Zhai.


chi 2020 logo
Optimizing User Interface Layouts via Gradient Descent
Peitong Duan, Casimir Wierzynski, Lama Nachman
ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) 2020
Paper | Talk | Video Preview | Preprint

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Beagle: Automated Extraction and Interpretation of Visualizations from the Web
Leilani Battle, Peitong Duan, Zachery Miranda, Dana Mukusheva, Remco Chang, Michael Stonebraker
ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) 2018