Berkeley BRASS + IRAM Retreats June 24-26 1998

Below is a few snapshots that record some events of the two research retreats that were held in Granlibakken Conference Center in Tahoe City, California from Wednesday June 24 through Friday, June 26, 1998. The projects were Berkeley Reconfigurable Architectures, Systems and Software (BRASS) and Intelligent RAM (IRAM) .

The day started with prepared speakers from Berkeley, such as

  • Aaron Brown,
  • Randy Huang, and
  • David Oppenheimer.
  • Breaks were important to have time to discuss issues and have fun.
    One day we watched Yugoslavia teach the United States how to play soccer, and then put to use what we had learned.

    In the evening we had great dinners, including one with Mexican refreshments.

    These were followed by impromptu open microphone sessions in the evenings, where

  • Dr. Krste Asanovic suggested how to design compilers,
  • Professor Corinna Lee (visiting from university of Toronto) suggested how to design hardware,
  • Professor Kathy Yelick said what we were really going to do , and
  • concluding with comic relief by Jim Beck.
  • The late night sessions is where many ideas were further discussed or even invented in smaller groups:

  • Ben Gribstad, John Kubiatowicz, Dave Patterson, Aaron Brown, Mike Ziegler/HP;
  • Bob Miller, Kurt Keutzer, John Kubiatowicz, Walter ?/LG Semicon, Seth ?/LG Semicon, Ben Girbstad, Kathy Yelick, Joe Gebis;
  • the fireside group (Noah Treuhaft, Ben Gribstad, John Kubiatowicz, Dave Patterson, Aaron Brown, Jason Golbus, Mike Ziegler/HP);
  • Andre deHon, Eylon Caspi, Terry Lessard-Smith, Bob Miller, ?/HP;
  • Kim Keeton, Steve Reinhardt/SGI/Cray Research, Rod Fleck/Seimens;
  • John Kubiatowicz, Dave Patterson, David Oppenheimer; and
  • Tim Callahan and Noah Treuhaft.
  • The really decidated moved to another location later for more heated and fluid discussions:
    Jason Golbus, David Martin, Richard Fromm, Noah Treuhaft, Christoforos Kozyrakis, and Ben Gribstad.

    Both the BRASS group and the IRAM group returned wiser for the experience.