Berkeley CS Retreats January 12-16 1998

Below is a few snapshots that record some events of the six research retreats that were held in Granlibakken Conference Center in Tahoe City, California from Monday, January 12, through Friday, January 16, 1998. The projects were Berkeley Reconfigurable Architectures, Systems and Software (BRASS), Intelligent RAM (IRAM) , BARWAN/ Daedalus , MASH , Network of Workstations (NOW) , and CyberCut .

We started with breakfast at 7:30AM severed buffet style.
The only problem was that the food was so good it was hard to resist.

We'd then listen to one speaker after another,
but they had to be more interesting than the view.

Breaks were important to have time to discuss issues that came up:

  • Randi tells an FFT joke to Christoforos and Kim
  • Ben, Christoforos, and Jason deciding who will test the test chip
  • Krste talks to Jim and "Kubie" about vector flags
  • Under the watchful eyes of the original I RAM,
    Corinna talks vector architectures with Jim and Greg of SGI/Cray.
  • After morning meetings we took a long afternoon break to have informal discussions and go play in the snow.

    Meetings continued in the late afternoon and after dinner, with more speakers, until 9 to 10 PM.

    After evening meetings, we saw some computer experts continue to work.
    (They seemed to be beta testing a military "killer app" involving Battlefield Awareness.)
    On hard days, after the meetings some got completely carried away, loosing all inhibitions,
    while on easier days they stayed more properly attired.

    After getting feedback from the visitors on the last day, we got on the bus,
    where interesting discussions continued for hours.

    Each project returned to Berkeley a tired but wiser group.