Poker January 30-31, 1999, Superbowl Weekend

We converged as usual at Ron's cabin at Bass Lake, this time without Ron or Sid. Rich and I got their after dinner Friday night, so for us the events started the Saturday morning.

We start the day with coffee and talk. (We note that since Brian got married, his socks are very clean.)
We then walked to breakfast in Pines Village, where we had even more coffee.

That morning we visited Doug's friend who built is own log cabin. We learned that logs settle after being put together, so major parts of the house can't be attached to the logs. We also learned that log cabins are for the hearty, for although  warmer inside than out, it was not by more than 10 degrees.

From there we hiked to a local waterfall. Or at least we tried, as we got lost. Although strangers blamed it on our aging sense of direction, we blamed the trail markers. Eventually we found the waterfall; up close you can see the snow that is still on the ground. We celebrated finding our goal with a group picture in the wild.

After seeing the great outdoors, we then headed for the great indoors: pool. Brian, who is a member of several billiards organizations, proceeded to beat us all, even with creative handicaps on his part. It got so bad Arliegh hid under the table.

Next was dinner at some fine place in downtown Oakhurst, and then return to the cabin for 6 hours of beer and poker. I recall that Doug and I were the big winners, but  my memory may have enhanced my winnings.

We awoke to a White Sunday, as it snowed early that morning.  The view of out the back matched the front. First we had the small task of cleaning up, but how much of a mess can 5 men make in 24 hours?

We then go for a long breakfast with more coffee. We spend the time talking about how are lives are going, what's happening in our families, and what happens to men in their early 50s, .... Its comforting to see that the little potholes in the road of life aren't there just  for you. Stated another way, its nice to share the ride.

As we get older, our loyalty to our get-togethers gets stronger, and poker is playing a lesser role. A big part of the weekend is simply celebrating  friends we have known for three-fourths of our lives: a genuine breakfast club!

Later, Rich and I watched the Superbowl with my son David. (For some reason we didn't get sleepy on the drive back.) I remember that Denver won in John Elway's last game, but I can't recall who lost. (Guess that means you better win if you make it to the Superbowl!) Elway was the last active player tied to The Play, which will soon be as old as some of my students.

Next up is sunny Southern California in July, where we all grew up, with Arliegh as gracious host. We expect body surfing and sun burns to be added to the regular fare of  food, coffee, and companionship.