Patterson Reunion December 26, 2000 - January 1, 2001

This page is primarily a pictorial record of our first reunion in Santa Cruz. 

While we met nearly every Christmas in our large family home for decades, once Greatgrandfather David Patterson retired, Dave and Lucie soon sold the house and moved to a condominium. The last family meeting in Palos Verdes was for their 50th wedding in August 1996. Although we tried to all meet at Christmas in the condo, it didn't really work out for all of us. As a result, Don and Sue didn't see each other for almost five years.

This changed when Grandmother Linda and Grandfather Dave acquired a beach house in Santa Cruz, and the summer after they moved in Linda decided "it would be nice to have a big Patterson family get together in Santa Cruz." Little did she know what she was starting.

Here is an album of the all photos we can find from the first reunion. Just click on the small image to see the full sized image.

Below are a few written artifacts: