Thinking of shopping at "Kristen's of Newport Beach" for Lanz pajamas?
Think again.

I placed my order on Dec 4, 2000. The email reply:

"This is an automated message acknowledging successful initial
processing of your order placed on the World Wide Web.

You may check your order status by writing to:
For inquiries, please reference order# 1626-5574-1693

Visit us often at: "

On December 14 2000 I received a phone call, explaining that they did not actually
have the Lanz pajamas I had ordered in stock when I ordered them.
The representative explained they had to order far many months in advance, and they were sold
out at the time of my order, but that they hoped that Lanz would ship more after my order so that they would fulfill it. Her hope was based on other stores not paying their bills and thus having their orders cancelled,
which would then be sent to Kristen's, and then my order would be filled.

Rather than tell me they were out at the time of the order, she took my order on the chance that she would get the sale later. And I'm left in the position of trying to find what I thought I ordered, with just 10 days before Christmas. It is likely out, the reason I tried to order early.

I do not plan to visit often at