Computer Science 61C: Machine Structures

Spring 1999, 3 Units

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Instructor:  David Patterson

The subjects covered in this course include assembly language programming, how higher level programs are translated into machine language, the general structure of computers, interrupts, caches, address translation, and related topics.

The prerequisites are that you have taken Computer Science 61B, or that you know one of C, C++, or Java and have taken 61A.

General Introductory Course Information

Frequently Asked Questions about 61C

Tentative Schedule (and Lecture Notes)

The midterm will be given Wednesday March 17 5-8PM in 1 Pimentel. There will be a review for the midterm on Sunday March 14 starting at 2PM in the same room. It will be given over a 3-hour period in the evening to reduce time pressure.

The final will be given on Wednesday May 12 5-8PM (note change from published schedule) in 1 Pimentel. There will be a review for the final on Sunday May 9 starting at 2PM in the same room.

The class newsgroup is ucb.class.cs61c. It will be used extensively to communicate information on the course and labs. You should read it regularly.

We have SPIM available for several systems. Please make sure your programs work on both our HP and Solaris Machines in 271 Soda before you submit them.
Windows version
Dos version
Linux version

We will be using the second edition of Patterson and Hennessy's Computer Organization and Design book ("COD").  Try to find the third printing. (Don't get "Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach"  by the same authors; it is intended for a graduate course!).

You should also get a C reference. We recommend The C Programming Language, Second Edition by Kernighan and Ritchie ("K&R"), and will make references its sections in the reading assignments, but other books might be suitable if you are already comfortable with them.

Readers will (evenutally) be available from Copy Central on Hearst, 1/2 block west of Euclid.


Jan 17, 1999
Yes, you do need to attend the lab sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday before the first lecture!
Labs are always held in 271 Soda.
We will hand out class accounts and you will fill in a online course survey.

Online Materials

We will update the page with assignments and lectures.

Current Assignment Handouts

Below are the assignments from Fall 1998 semester. Most of these documents are in PDF format; we try to provide a PostScript (ps) translation, and an approximate equivalent in ASCII text (txt).

Here's a more detailed description of SPIM.

Sections, TAs, and readers

Labs (Tues or Wed) are always in 271 Soda, and the discussions (Thurs of Fri) will meet in the rooms as indicated below.
Time Lab/Dis Location TA Reader 
TT 8-9 14 71 Evans Brendan
TT 9-10 15 106 Moffit Brendan
TT 10-11 16 3 Evans Dmitriy
TT 11-12 17 105 Stanley Dmitriy
TT 12-1 18 4 Evans Nemanja
TT 1-2 19 241 Cory Nemanja
TT 2-3 20 50 Barrows Kelvin
TT 3-4 21 31 Evans Michael
TT 4-5 22 3111 Etcheverry Michael
WF 8-9 23 310 Soda Gek
WF 9-10 11 2 Evans Tai Ping
WF 10-11 12 9 Evans Tai Ping
WF 11-12 13 85 Evans Mark
WF 12-1 24 310 Soda Josh


The alias can be used to reach all of the staff. However, posting to the newsgroup would be more appropriate.


Prof. Dave Patterson
635 Soda Hall
(510) 642-6587
FAX: (510) 643-7352
Office Hours in 635 Soda: (Call first to confirm!)
Wed 2-3 (not available March 17)


Name  Preferred Name  E-mail  Office Hour  Location 
Gek Siong Low Gek cs61c-tb TBA TBA
Dmitiry Portnov Dmitriy cs61c-tc Tu 12-1 345 Soda
Josh Cantrell Josh cs61c-td TT 11-12 283 Soda
Kelvin Lwin Kelvin cs61c-te W 2-3 283F Soda
Nemanja Isailovic Nemanja cs61c-tf Th 11-12 TBA
Brendan Ferguson Brendan cs61c-tg Th 10-11 283 Soda
Michael Chu Michael cs61c-th TBA TBA
Mark Spiller Mark cs61c-ti TBA TBA
Tai Ping Yu Tai Ping cs61c-tj F 11-12 TBA


Name  E-mail 

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