Spring 1998 Project Presentation Schedule

Presentations will be in 611 Soda (that's the West lounge on the 6th floor) and will last for 30 minutes. Presentations go from 12:30 pm to 5:30 pm (with a break from 3:00 to 3:30) on both Thursday, April 30 and Friday, May 1.

Thursday, April 30
TimeProject NamePeople
12:30 Estimating the Multimedia Capabilities of IRAM through MPEG Encoding/Decoding Nathan Slingerland, Kirby Zhang
1:00 TLB Design for IRAM Omid Rowhani, Xiaoru Zhang
1:30 Speech Regonition on a Vector Architecture Dan Gildea
2:00 Very Large Scale Backup Adam Costello, Chris Umans, Felix Wu
2:30 Benchmarking PDAs Michael Downes, Adam Janin
3:30 INESL: NESL on IRAM Aaron Brown, David Oppenheimer

Friday, May 1
Time Project Name People
8:45 Messaging vs. CC-NUMA Phil Buonadonna, Andy Geweke
9:15 Proposal for Pipelined, Low Power Tri-Multiplier implemented for VIRAM Cheol-Woong Lee, Norman Walker
9:45 Porting BDTI Benchmarks to a Vector Processor Haiyun Tang, Ning Zhang
10:15 break
12:30 Network vs. Local Bus Ravi Gunturi, Mark Spiller
1:00 Cache Optimizations Carleton Miyamoto
1:30 Study of Quad Pentium Pro Behavior Under OLTP Workload and MS SQL Server DBMS Jonathan Kung, Megan Thomas
2:00 Comparing BDTI Benchmarks on ARM and MMX Hungchi Lee, Jian-jin Tuan
2:30 Optimizing a Multigrid Solver on Sequential Machines and SMPs Rich Vuduc, Michael Wittman
3:00 break
3:30 CELP Speech Coding on VIRAM Heyning Cheng, Eugene Teh
4:00 Architectural Analysis of SMP Systems for the NAS Parallel Benchmark Frederick Wong, David Wu
4:30 P6: Project to Profile Pilot PDA Power and Performance Jason I. Hong, Mark Newman
5:00 Influence of Caches on the Performance of Algorithms Andris Ambainis, Alex Berg, Benjamin Diament