The quiz review session is Sunday, April 19 in 310 Soda from 2-3 pm.


Homework 4 is available. It is due Thursday, April 16 in 283 Soda by 5PM.


Questionnaire 3 is available. It is due Monday, April 13 by 5PM. It is also available in latex form.


Homework 3 Solutions are available.


Homework 3 is available. It is due Thursday, April 2 in 283 Soda by 5PM.


Project questionnaire 2 is available as postscript and latex. It is due Wednesday, March 18 by 5 pm.


Quiz 1 Statistics are available. Quiz 1 and Quiz 1 Solutions are available.


Please fill out this course feedback form and bring it to the quiz. (.tex also available.)


Homework 2 Solutions are available.


Past quizzes and solutions are available.


Project meetings are Thursday, February 26. The signup sheet is near Joe's office (464 Soda). I'll also bring it to class on Wednesday.


Project Questionnaire 1 is available. It is due on Wednesday, February 25 by 5:00 in the 635 doorbox. (Or just bring it to class.)


Homework 2 is available. It is due on Thursday, February 26 by 5:00 PM in 283 Soda.


Homework 1 Solutions are available.


An optional postscript scoreboard, xfig .fig scoreboard, postscript Tomasulo status, and xfig .fig Tomasulo status are available if you would like to use them. (The .figs are included in case you need to modify or improve the figure.)


An official requirement for HW1 is that we have your picture (either you send us a URL, or have us take your picture). I'll be in 464 Soda on Tuesday from 2-3PM and Thursday from 3-4PM with the camera, and will be available before and after class on Wednesday.


HW1 is now available. It is due on Thursday, February 12 by 5:00 in 283 Soda.


The Prerequisite Quiz and Prerequisite Quiz Solutions are now available.


The handouts from cs152 are now available (and should be working).


The Handouts section of the CS152 homepage from Fall 1997 includes the midterms from this semester as well as pointers to past exams. Solutions are included.


There was a screwup in the department, so the textbook was not ordered. ASUC said today that the books would be in in less than 1 week. They can also be found in local book stores (Cody's and a few in Barnes and Noble), as well as at WWW bookstores.


Prepare for the Prerequisite Quiz before class starts.

Grads from other departments and undergrads interested in taking CS 252 in Spring, read this before class starts.

The first class meeting will be on Wednesday January 21.

The errata sheet for H&P is available.