Logging into the NOWs

Here's how to log into the now cluster, stolen from the cs267 web page:

Logging into NOW

There are two ways to login to the Berkeley NOW. The first is a command line method, and the second is accessible over the web.
  1. From the command line
  2. From the web.

Setting up your path

Make sure that your path includes:
  1. /usr/sww/bin
  2. /usr/sww/share/bin
  3. /usr/now/bin
You can check this by typing
echo $path

If your path does not include the three directories, then type
set path=($path /usr/sww/bin /usr/sww/share/bin /usr/now/bin)

Make sure that your MANPATH includes:
  1. /usr/now/man
Check this by typing:

If this is not set, you can type
setenv MANPATH ${MANPATH}:/usr/now/man