CS252: Reading Assignments

The reading assignment for Friday for CS 252 is to read the following papers (some are online);

1/19/01 Fri: G. MOORE, "Cramming More Components onto Integrated Circuits", Electronics,
p114-117, April 1965. (Also in "Readings in Computer Architecture," pages 56-59 + Editor intro pages 13-14.)

1/26/01 Fri: J. S. LIPTAY, "Structural Aspects of the System/360 Model 85, Part II: The Cache", IBM
Systems Journal,, 7, 1 (1968), 15-21). (Also in "Readings in Computer Architecture," pages 373-379 + Editor intro pages 364-65.)

2/2/01 Fri: J.GRAY, Turing Award Lecture: "What Next? A dozen remaining IT problems"(1999)

2/7/01 Wed: Hennessy, J. "The future of systems research." Computer, vol.32, (no.8), IEEE Comput. Soc, Aug. 1999.

2/14/01 Wed:  G. M. AMDAHL, "Validity of the Single-Processor Approach to Achieving Large Scale
Computing Capabilities", AFIPS Conference Proceedings, (April 1967), 483-485.
(Also in "Readings in Computer Architecture," pages 79-81 + Editor intro pages 70-71.)

2/28/01 Wed: Gibson, J.; Kunz, R.; Ofelt, D.; Horowitz, M.; Hennessy, J.; Heinrich, M. "FLASH vs. (simulated) FLASH: closing the simulation loop." Operating Systems Review, vol.34, (no.5), (ASPLOS-IX. Ninth International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems, Cambridge, MA, USA, 12-15 Nov. 2000.) ACM, Dec. 2000. Also see about Flash in ISCA Retrospective.

3/14/01 Wed: R. M. RUSSELL, "The Cray-1 Computer System", Comm. ACM, 21, 1 (January 1978),
63-72. (Also in "Readings in Computer Architecture," pages 40-49 + Editor intro pages 8-9.)

3/23/01 Fri: Joel Emer and Nikolas Gloy, "A Language for Describing Predictors and its Application to Automatic Synthesis", Procedings of the International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA), 1997.

4/6/01 Fri: Joseph Fisher, Very Long Instruction Word Architectures and the ELI-512, Proceedings of the International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA), 1983. Also see about VLIW paper in ISCA Retrospective.

4/13/01 Fri: M. J. FLYNN, " Very High-Speed Computing Systems", Proceedings of the IEEE , vol.
54, no. 12, December 1966. (Also in "Readings in Computer Architecture," pages 519-527 + Editor intro pages 515-517.)

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