CS 252 Third Project Quentionnaire

Please fill this out, put answers on your project home page, and 
mail the URL to the 252 instructor and TA by Monday April 9
(or mail the text of this email to both of us)

Project Name:

Project URL:

Project Meeting Time on Wed April 11 in 635 Soda:

Partner #1 Name, email, URL:

Partner #2 Name, email, URL:

Partner #3 Name, email, URL: 

What work have you done on the project since the last project meeting?

Have you discussed your progress project with experts in this topic? What advice did they give?

Do you have any preliminary results? What are they?


What remains to be completed for the project?


Are there any shortages in computing resources, storage space, or similar problems?


Any other comments or questions?


Please update your web page to reflect any results, literature, or project changes.