November 1998 Birthdays

We celebrated three birthdays over the weekend of November 14 to 16: My Dad's (12th), mine (16th) and my Mom's (12+16=28th) with the Northern California Patterson Clan, whose numbers are growing in strength. Gracie brings the total size of the USA-wide Patterson family to 22!

The birthday weekend included watching Cal football, playing soccer, and lots of meals.

Sunday started with breakfast at Inn Kensignton, which is located in Kensington (a pun).  Linda and I always expect to see a Star Trek food replicator in the back some day, because the food always arrives before we expect it. We go there enough that we all know each others names and food preferences.

Gracie was generally quiet and a delightful little bundle to hold. For example,

On the other side of the table (I also go here because sometimes a good-looking woman flirts with me.)

Later we went to a late lunch at Yoshi's in Jack London Square.  Its been serving great Japanese food and jazz performances for 25 years. We took off our shoes in the traditional Japanese tatami seating, which meant our feet dangled in holes under a table on a raised floor. This was perfect for setting down Gracie between two adults. It also gave Andrew a head start whenever he decided to take off, as it took a while for adults to get up to chase him.

Andrew came back with enough food on him and his handlers that he and his Dad needed to take a bath. Fortunately, Andrew cleans up well.

Monday night we went to Casa Orinda, located over the hill in Orinda. This place has been serving good American and Italian food since the 1930s, when there were mostly ranches near Orinda. The tables are branded using branding irons from the former (and some current) ranches in the area, and lots of guns and cowboy paintings on the wall.

It was a long meal, with plenty of time for brothers to play and couples to kiss.  Andrew helped me open presents quickly; he is saying "Oooh" in the picture. Looks like we'll have a quick Chistmas! The cake was brought out with 51 candles bundled together, which got Andrew's attention. He then ate his piece, showing that he is surely a Patterson. Once again, he cleans up  real well.

It was a memorable weekend. We all had a great time, plus great-grand parents got to meet their latest great-grandchild.