Current Positions:
Professor, UC Berkeley
Director of the Berkeley Robot Learning Lab
Co-Director of the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR) lab
Co-Founder, President, and Chief Scientist Covariant (2017- )
Co-Founder Gradescope (2014-2018: Acquired by TurnItIn)
Host of The Robot Brains Podcast
Founding Investment Partner at AIX Ventures

Some Personal Background:
Pretty well covered in this interview by my undergrad school KU Leuven:

pabbeel AT cs.berkeley.edu

Quick picks:

CS294-158 Deep Unsupervised Learning

ICML 2021 Tutorial on Unsupervised Reinforcement Learning

CS294-190 Advanced Topics in Learning and Decision Making (co-taught with Stuart Russell)

The Business of AI (co-taught with my colleagues in the Haas Business School)

CS188 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

CS287 Advanced Robotics

Full Stack Deep Learning Bootcamp, co-organized with Josh Tobin, Sergey Karayev

Some Videos:

ACM Prize Interview

CVPR 2021 Keynote

Discussing latest on Covariant and research at Berkeley on the TWIML Podcast with Sam Charrington