Olga Holtz received her Diploma [1995] in Applied Mathematics from Southern Ural State University in Chelyabinsk, Russia, and her PhD [2000] in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison under the guidance of Hans Schneider.

She held a postdoctorate research position [2000-2002] at the Computer Science Department of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Humboldt fellowship [2002-2003] at the Institute of Mathematics of Technical University Berlin, a Morrey Assistant Professorship [2004-2007] and an Associate Professorship [2007-2010] at the Department of Mathematics of the University of California-Berkeley.

Currently, Holtz is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of California-Berkeley and a Visiting Professor of Applied Mathematics at Technical University Berlin and Berlin Mathematical School.

She has received a Sofja Kovalevskaja award [2006], a European Mathematical Society Prize [2008], an ERC Starting Grant [2010], two Von Neumann Fellowships at the Institute for Advanced Study [2009, 2014], and an AMS Fellowship [2016].

Holtz is also an award-winning screenwriter and film director.

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