Math H110

Honors Linear Algebra

TuTh 9:30-11:00am, Room 2 Evans Hall

Office hours: 11:00am-12:00noon, Room 821 Evans Hall

Course control number: 54217

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This syllabus is to be taken with a grain of salt: it is to be fine-tuned as we move along.


Required Text: Recommended Reading: Math H110 on Piazza

Academic honesty

The instructor welcomes cooperation among students and the use of books. However, handing in homework that makes use of other people's work (be it from a fellow student, a book or paper, or whatever) without explicit acknowledgement is considered academic misconduct.


Homework is assigned every week, due one week later. In solving homework problems, you may use any result in the book that precedes the problem in question, including results of preceding homework problems. It is not OK to use any material following the problem. Problems below are taken from the main textbook for this class and are numbered x.y where x is the section number, y the problem number within the section.


Misc. handouts

  • Mock midterm test can be found here, in PS and in PDF.
  • Mock final can be found here, in PS and in PDF.
  • Vlastimil Ptak's article "A remark on the Jordan normal form of matrices".
  • Carl de Boor's article "On Ptak's derivation of the Jordan normal form".

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