Math 1A


Lectures TuTh 5:00-6:30pm, 155 Dwinelle Hall

Office hours W 2:00-4:00pm, Student Learning Center, and by appt.

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Table of Contents

Topics covered so far


The syllabus for the course is everything covered in lectures as well as everything in the relevant sections of the course book. It is based on the official syllabus listed here.

Discussions and GSIs


Academic honesty

The instructor welcomes cooperation among students and the use of books. However, handing in homework that makes use of other people's work (be it from a fellow student, a book or paper, or whatever) without explicit acknowledgement is considered academic misconduct.

UC Berkeley has a Honor Code, and to clarify the spirit and intent of the Honor Code, the ASUC and Academic Senate have developed an Honor Code Guide for Syllabi that is intended to be used either verbatim or adapted by faculty for inclusion into course syllabi.

All incoming students, both undergraduate and graduate, are introduced to the Honor Code as part of the registration process, and prominent placards stating the Honor Code are displayed in all general assignment classrooms. Additionally, an Academic Integrity webpage has been developed with multiple resources and relevant information for both instructors and students.


Homework is assigned and graded through WebWork to be access via Bcourses. An assignment becomes active every Monday at 6:00am and is due the following Monday at 6:00am. Every problem allows for an unlimited number of attempts to get it right. There is also an option to email an instructor with a question.

In addition to WeBWork, there will be weekly quizzes assigned and graded by the GSIs.


The first midterm will be Thursday, October 2nd. The second will be on Thursday, November 13th. The final will be on Thursday December 18th. Your assessment in class will be based on the following:

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