Math 118

Wavelets and signal processing

Lectures MWF 11:10-12:00, 9 Evans Hall

Office hours WF 14:00-15:00, 821 Evans Hall

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Academic honesty

The instructor welcomes cooperation among students and the use of books . However, handing in homework that makes use of other people's work (be it from a fellow student, a book or paper, or whatever) without explicit acknowledgement is considered academic misconduct.




Here are PS and PDF versions of a mock midterm. Here are the actual midterm in PS and in PDF and solutions in PS and in PDF.

Here is a mock final test, in PS and in PDF. Here is the actual final test, in PS and in PDF.

Demos, m-files, etc.

  • The diary of the first MATLAB session and the corresponding figures graph1.eps and
  • Applications of wavelets using MATLAB: Last modified: Dec 13, 2005