Orianna DeMasi

Graduate Student of Computer Science
University of California, Berkeley

I'm currently a PhD student in the Computer Science Division at UC Berkeley. I began my studies at Berkeley in 2012 and work with Benjamin Recht and James Demmel on applications of machine learning for mental health.

I am excited about the development of quantitative methods for mental health. There has been a spectacular rise in the sophistication and ubiquity of computing. This development has lead to rapid changes in other areas of healthcare, such as for cancer. I believe that now there is a similarly unprecedented opportunity for mental health to benefit from the development of computing.

Currently my main research focuses on the development of quantitative monitoring tools, as these are a necessary preliminary step in understanding disorders and evaluating treatments. Additionally, I am also working on two projects that look at mental health on a population level.

Good ways to start conversations with me include asking about my cats or my garden.