Scientific Computing and Matrix Computations Seminar

Organized by James Demmel and Oded Schwartz

Spring 2013

Wednesdays 12:10-1:00PM in 380 Soda Hall.

Past Seminars

Current Schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Talk / Abstract Material
Jan. 23 Matthias Morzfeld LBL The Transformation of Linear Second-Order ODEs into Independent Second-Order Equations pdf
Jan. 30 W. Kahan UC Berkeley A Tutorial Overview of Vector and Matrix Norms (part III) pdf
Feb. 6 Edgar Solomonik UC Berkeley Communication-Avoiding Parallel Algorithms for Dense Linear Algebra and Tensor Computations pdf
Feb. 13 Victor Pereyra Stanford University Speeding Up Seismic Imaging with Reduced-Order Modeling pdf
Feb. 20 Sivan Toledo Tel-Aviv University Reliable Iterative Condition-Number Estimation pdf
Feb. 27 - - No meeting due to SIAM CSE conference -
Mar. 6 Luke Oeding UC Berkeley Algebra and Geometry of Tensor Decomposition pdf
Mar. 13 Alexandre J. Chorin UC Berkeley Implicit Sampling and Data Assimilation pdf
Mar. 20 W. Kahan UC Berkeley A Floating-Point Trick to Solve Boundary-Value Problems Faster pdf
Mar. 27 - - Spring Recess -
Apr. 3 Ming Gu UC Berkeley CUR Decompositions with Random Sampling
Apr. 10 Beresford N. Parlett UC Berkeley Structured Backward Errors for the Tridiagonal Eigenproblem pdf
Apr. 17 Grey Ballard UC Berkeley Avoiding Communication in Dense Linear Algebra pdf
Apr. 24 Nick Knight UC Berkeley Communication Lower Bounds for Programs that Access Arrays pdf
May. 1 Peter Tang Intel Corporation A Framework for Low-Communication 1-D FFT pdf