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Neil Thomas

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Minding the gaps: The importance of navigating holes in protein fitness landscapes
Lucy Colwell, Neil Thomas
Cell Systems (2021)

End-to-end learning of multiple sequence alignments with differentiable Smith-Waterman
Samantha Petti, Nicholas Bhattacharya, Roshan Rao, Justas Dauparas, Neil Thomas, Juannan Zhou, Alexander M. Rush, Peter K. Koo, Sergey Ovchinnikov
bioRxiv (2021)
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Interpreting Potts and Transformer Protein Models Through the Lens of Simplified Attention
Nicholas Bhattacharya*, Neil Thomas*, Roshan Rao, Justas Dauparas, Peter K. Koo, David Baker, Yun S. Song, Sergey Ovchinnikov
Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing (2022)
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Evaluating Protein Transfer Learning with TAPE
Roshan Rao*, Nicholas Bhattacharya*, Neil Thomas*, Yan Duan, Xi Chen, John Canny, Pieter Abbeel, Yun S. Song
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 32 (NeurIPS 2019)
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Concepts of Statistics (Stat 135) Fall 2020

Teaching Statement