The Next EDA Revolution

Richard Newton

University of California

The Next EDA Revolution

Top 10 Technologies for 2000 and Beyond

Why Design Technology?

What I Will Not Speak About (…not enough time!)

A Moving Target

IC technologies Today

Important Application Domains

Evolving Technologies

Evolution of Methodology

Methodology Using Design Planning

Has Designer-Oriented Innovation in Design Technology Stalled?

Impact of Evolving Technology

Growing Complexity

Major Design Verification Tasks

Shift in Design Tasks

Bridging the Gap

“Simulator-of-The-Year” Phenomenon

VHDL: The “nroff/latex” of Design

3-Bit Parity Function: "Control-Oriented"

3-Bit Parity Function: "Dataflow-Oriented"

3-bit Parity Function: Possible VHDL Implementation

PP Presentation

What Might Be the Next Big Step?

Languages versus Models: A Software Analogy

Classification of Design Animation Tasks

Why System Prototyping?

What Has Been Achieved?

Application to Software

Error-Free Software

Central Themes

PP Presentation

Improve Transfer Efficiency of Both Tools and Methodology

DAC Booth & Suite Space

What is ComponentWare in this Context?

Distributed CAD Systems: A New Integration Metaphor

The "Java Terminal"

The “Java Terminal” (or “Hollow Client”)

The "Java Terminal"

Elements of a Web-Based DT Architecture

Web-Based Design System: Server-Side Challenges

Web-Based Design System: Client-Side Challenges

Representation as an Aid in Decision Support

Beyond Hierarchy

Abstractions for Collaboration

Central Themes

Central Themes

Central Themes

We Need a Revolution! We Need Revolutionary Thinking!