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Conexant Distinguished Professor Emeritus, 

Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

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Phone/Fax: Tel. 510-642-4590, Fax.  510-642-2739

Address: Professor Andrew R. Neureuther, Dept. EECS 231 Cory Hall, 

               University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-1770, 

Research Services Officer: Farah Pranawahadi, 510-643-2612, farah@erso

Research Services Assistant: Charlotte Jones, 510-643-2834, cmj@erso

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       This web site is being updated to include a number of lectures on lithography as well as personel information on hobbies.


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PROCESS TECHNOLOGY NOTES: (go to PTN for more information) <>This is an evolving mini-library of snipits of materials on physically based model for characterizing microfabrication technology. It tends emphasize optical lithography as this is the main interest of the TCAD Group at UC Berkeley. 
The purpose is to make available globally two types of information of likely practical use in microfabrication.
    Materials that supplement existing textbooks on process technology and might be used in classes. 
    Information on concepts and results from research that likely contribute to the practice of microfabrication.

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My research interests are photolithography and integrated circuit process technology simulation. You can view recent results from the SAMPLE Technology CAD Group. 

LAVA Remote Simulation: (go to LAVA for more information)

The Lithography Analysis through Virtual Access web site facilitates remote simulation using TCAD tools from the SAMPLE Group. This includes SPLAT, SAMPLE, SIMPL, TEMPEST, STORM, PBODY-BEAM and SAMPLE3D. There are a number of application-oriented graphical applets for user convenience. It is also possible to remotely launch TEMPEST and  the Pattern Matcher.

The research of my group is sponsored in part under the Feature Level Compensation and Control project in the State of California and Industry U.C. Discovery program. It is also supported in part under the Network for Advanced Lithography  sponsored by DARPA/SRC.

LITHOGRAPHY WEB SITES: (go to LAVA for additional information on TCAD)