Neeraja J. Yadwadkar
I am a fourth year PhD student in the Computer Science Department at University of California, Berkeley. I am part of the AMP Lab; I am advised by Prof. Randy Katz, and more recently also co-advised by Prof. Joseph E. Gonzalez.

I am interested in Systems and Machine Learning. 


  • Data-Driven Modeling for Cloud Management and Optimization 
    Splunk, San Francisco, CA, July 2016 

  • Data-Driven Modeling for System Management and Optimization 
    SAP Dublin, CA, June 2016 

  • PARIS: Model Based Performance Estimation Across the Cloud 
    AMPLab Summer Retreat June 2016 

  • Managing Sample Bias in a Model-Based Cluster Resource Manager 
    AMPLab Summer Retreat June 2016 

  • The Judgement of PARIS: Performance-Aware Resource Inference System  
    Microsoft Research, Redmond, Intern Talk, August 2015 and AMPLab Winter Retreat, January 2016 

  • Faster Jobs in Distributed Processing Systems using Machine Learning 
    Department Seminar, Department of Computer Science and Automation (CSA), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), May 2015 

  • Faster Jobs in Distributed Data Processing using Multi-Task Learning 
    SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM), April 2015 

  • Wrangler: Predictable and Faster Jobs using Fewer Resources 
    ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing (SoCC), November 2014 

  • Wrangler: A Machine Learning Approach for Straggler Avoidance 
    AMPLab Summer Retreat, May 2014 and AMPLab All Hands 2014  

  • Zone Localization Methods and Services 
    Software Defined Buildings (SDB) Winter Retreat, Jan 2014 

  • Discovery of Application Workloads from Network File Traces 
    Usenix Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST) Feb 2010 and Riverbed Technology, Feb 2010