George Necula, (Retired) Professor – Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Currently, working at Google Switzerland.
Email: necula AT cs DOT berkeley DOT edu

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Past research projects

  • Hinted Garbage Collection. See the ISMM'13 paper.
  • SwiftHand: an automated testing tool for Android GUI applications and Javascript/HTML5. OOPSLA'13 paper
  • Testing with Spies. This research is looking into ways to write behavioral tests that are very easy to maintain. One idea is to add to the code spy statements that capture key state variables, much like logging statements. The collected logs are used to compare executions and look for behavior changes. Of course, the comparison has to be done smartly to detect values that are expected to change from run to run.
  • Specification and Verification of Parallel Programs. We developed NDSEQ (NonDeterministic SEQuential Specifications), a novel lightweight specification method to specify the correctness of parallelism in a program. In particular, NDSEQ specification of a program specifies the correctness of a program's parallelism using a sequential version of the program with controlled nondeterminism. Such a nondeterministic sequential specification allows (1) the correctness of parallel interference to be verified independently of the program's functional correctness, and (2) the functional correctness of a program to be understood and verified on a sequential version of the program, one with controlled nondeterminism but no interleaving of parallel threads. See our papers at: PLDI'2011, PPoPP'2012, ASPLOS'11, HotPar'10,
  • Concurrit: Domain-specific language for testing Concurrent Programs. It is very hard to write tests that seek or reproduce parallel bugs. Concurrit is a domain-specific language that allows the test writer to control the actors and their interleaving scenarios, in order to reproduce certain concurrency scenarios. See our papers at: PLDI'13, HotPar'12 .
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    I am originally from Baia Mare, Romania situated in the Maramures county of northern Transylvania.