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Research Focus

I am a PhD student studying operating systems for warehouse-scale computers. This effort is part of the FireBox Project.

Before Berkeley

For the two years before coming to Berkeley I worked at Oracle Labs. There I worked on a hardware/software co-design project focusing on analytic databases. Before that I was at UC Santa Cruz where I received my bachelor's degree in computer engineering with a focus on computer systems. I grew up in a small town near San Luis Obispo called Los Osos (about 4 hours south of Berkeley on the coast).



The FireBox project aims to develop a system architecture for third-generation Warehouse-Scale Computers (WSCs). Firebox scales up to a ~1 MegaWatt WSC containing up to 10,000 compute nodes and up to an Exabyte (2^60 Bytes) of non-volatile memory connected via a low-latency, high-bandwidth optical switch. The FireBox project will produce custom datacenter SoCs, distributed simulation tools for warehouse-scale machines, and systems software for FireBox-style disaggregated datacenters.

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Other Interests

In addition to being a grad student, I'm also a person.

Fun Facts:

  • I have a finite Erdös-Bacon Number: 7
    • Erdös (4): Pemberton-Katz-Karp-Saks-Erdös
    • Bacon (3): Nathan Pemberton-(More Than Stars)-Susie Castillo-(Underdog)-Jed Griswold-(Patriots Day)-Kevin Bacon
    • Not to brag, but this is the same number as Natalie Portman and Noam Chompsky. I'm basically famous.
  • I make briar smoking pipes (and sometimes furniture) as a hobby
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Nathan Pemberton

nathanp AT berkeley DOT edu

Desk: 585-3 Soda Hall (ASPIRE Lab)