Hello! I am an EECS PhD Candidate at UC Berkeley advised by Laura Waller. I am interested computational imaging, which is the joint design of imaging hardware and algorithms. My work is at the intesection of signal processing, optics, optimization, and machine learning.

I completed my B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo in May 2016. At Buffalo, I was involved in a nanosatellite mission and several other space-related research projects, which you can read more about on my old website here.


Spectral DiffuserCam: lensless snapshot hyperspectral imaging

Project Page / pre-print

In this work, we propose a novel, compact, and inexpensive computational camera for snapshot hyperspectral imaging. Our system consists of a repeated spectral filter array placed directly on the image sensor and a diffuser placed close to the sensor. Each point in the world maps to a unique pseudorandom pattern on the spectral filter array, which encodes multiplexed spatio-spectral information. A sparsity-constrained inverse problem solver then recovers the hyperspectral volume with good spatio-spectral resolution. By using a spectral filter array, our hyperspectral imaging framework is flexible and can be designed with contiguous or non-contiguous spectral filters that can be chosen for a given application.

Learning for Lensless Imaging

Project Page / Journal Paper

Mask-based lensless imagers, like DiffuserCam, can be small, compact, and capture higher-dimensional information (3D, temporal), but the reconstruction time is slow and the image quality is often degraded. In this work, we show that we can use knowledge of optical system physics along with deep learning to form an unrolled model-based network to solve the reconstruction problem, thereby using physics + deep learning together to speed up and improve image reconstructions. As compared to traditional methods, our architecture achieves better perceptual image quality and runs 20× faster, enabling interactive previewing of the scene.

Work Experience

  • MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Summer 2016
  • Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems, Winter 2016
  • Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems, Summer 2015
  • Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute, Summer 2014
  • NASA Marshall Robotics Academy, Summer 2013

Awards and Recognition

  • UC Berkeley EECS Chairs’ Graduate Award, 2020
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, 2016
  • NDSEG Graduate Research Fellowship, 2016 (declined)
  • Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, 2015
  • University at Buffalo Presidential Scholar, 4 year full ride scholarship