Michael McCoyd

I'm a Ph.D. candidate at UC Berkeley studying computer security, particularly of machine learning, advised by David Wagner. My current work is on trying to defeat adversarial examples. In the past I've looked at fooling biometric user authentication and trying to verify low level software.

As an undergraduate, I studied computer security and natural language processing at UT Austin, graduating as a Dean's Honored Graduate in 2012 for work toward developing a provably secure hypervisor with Mike Dahlin and Bill Young, for which I write a minimal hypervisor. I also graduated from Georgia Tech with a bachelors in Applied Mathematics, scoring in the top 11% in the Putnam Competition. I later spent a few years in the Cognitive Science department at UC San Diego studying situated cognition with Don Norman and Ed Hutchins.

I spent 11 years as a developer, mostly in Java and ANSI C++, ranging from developing a genetic algorithm selection system to various commercial projects and some teaching, sometimes as lead. I also served as a U.S. Naval officer running a logistics department stateside.

In my current work I've had the chance to work with a great team of undergraduate students: Steven Chen, Jason Liu, Won Park. and Neil Shah.

Contact: mmccoyd at cs dot school.


Background Class Defense Against Adversarial Examples
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Spoofing 2D Face Detection: Machines See People Who Aren't There
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Symbolic Software Model Validation
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MinVisor: Provable Machine Protection with Optional Fidelity.
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Toward the Verification of a Simple Hypervisor
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I currently help teach scientific diving at UC Berkeley and explore Monterey Bay recreationally. I've served as a local outings officer in the Sierra Club and as a local president in Mensa.