I am a Postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at UC Berkeley, starting from August 2018. My advisor is Prof. Dawn Song. I obtained my Ph.D. degree from School of Computing, University of Utah, in June 2018, advised by Prof. Feifei Li. I received my bachelor and master degrees from the Beihang University at Beijing, China. I have done research in data-driven analytics for system security problems, data management and security, and recommendation system. My current research interests involve various security and privacy aspects in the areas of machine learning, blockchain, and systems.


Research Experience

Research Intern, Data Analytics group, Visa Research, Palo Alto, CA, May 2017 - Aug. 2017
  • Mentor: Wei Zhang
  • Built a restaurant recommendation system through mining VISA transaction records using deep learning.
Research Intern, Database group, Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA, May 2016 - Aug. 2016
  • Mentor: Ravi Ramamurthy
  • Explored the notion of metering security in cloud database.
TCloud: a self-defending, self-evolving, and self-accounting trustworthy cloud platform, Jan 2014 - Jun. 2018
  • Focus on using Data Analytic methods to solve system problems, especially in Cloud Security area.