About Me

I am a systems engineer who enjoys working with multiple parts of the IoT stack. I completed my PhD in Computer Science at the University of California Berkeley in 2019. I was advised by David E. Culler and Raluca Ada Popa, and I worked in the RISE Lab and the BETS Lab. During the course of my PhD I worked on everything from new hardware, firmware design techniques, databases for telemetry and systems for managing authorization without central authorities.

My work on solutions for dense telemetry, such as that found in smart grid sensors like synchrophasors, led me to develop a high performance timeseries database, BTrDB. I’ve joined PingThings, one of the industrial partners for this research, to bring this technology to market. Together, we are changing the way electric utilities approach analysis of their data.

In working with IoT systems, I realized that the prevailing systems used for managing authorization are all centralized and poorly suited for the delegation patterns that arise. To solve this, I developed WAVE, a decentralized authorization system that allows transitive delegation and operates without any central authorities. This allows for federation across administrative domains, a common requirement in the IoT paradigm.