Eating and Drinking in Berkeley and San Francisco

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This page was created in August 2005 for the attendees of the Approx-Random conference. It has been frequently visited after the conference was over, and so I have left it online. Fell free to send feedback to luca at cs dot berkeley dot edu

Other links has  information on things to do in San Francisco and in the Bay area
here is another list of restaurants in Berkeley, written with less editorial restraint has  information on how to use the Bart (subway system connecting Berkeley with San Francisco and other places) provides  traffic information.
Google maps or Yahoo maps can be used to find your way around campus and beyond

Coffee Shops

See Andrej Bogdanov's list

In addition:


Prices are according to Zagat's guide. Expect to pay more for a full meal with wine.

Restaurants in Berkeley

Convenient For Lunch

There is a food court of sorts on Hearst street, going down half a block from Soda Hall. There is a Thai, a Vietnamese, a Korean, a Chinese, Japanese, and a hamburger place. Luca likes the spicy chicken from the Korean place and the daily specials from the Thai place. Note that the Thai place is somewhat downstairs with respect to the others.

There are several places around the corner from Soda: on Euclid between Hearst and Ridge, including:

Far from Soda, but still walking distance:

Walking Distance from Soda Hall (Dinner)

Further From Soda Hall (Dinner)

Restaurants in San Francisco

In the Mission

The following places are easiliy reachable from the 16th st or 24th st stops of the Bart

In the Tenderloin / Union Square

These places are easily reachable from the Civic Center or Powell stops of the Bart, and are convenient if you go to the shops or theaters around Union Square.

Note: this area feels scary at night but it is not really unsafe. At night, it is better to use the Powell stop than the Civic center stop, and it is better to stay on Geary and O'Farrell, rather than Turk, Eddie or Ellis.

Far from the Bart

For those who cashed in before the bubble burst

Expect to pay more, much more, than Zagat's estimate in these places. For Aqua in particular, the bill can easily be almost twice the estimated amount. For the other places, expect about 40-50% more than the estimate.

After Dinner

In Berkeley

In Oakland

In San Francisco

Remember to go to for many more suggestions of things to do in San Francisco and in the Bar Area.