Principles of Plasma Discharges and Materials Processing

This book discusses the fundamental principles of partially ionized, chemically reactive plasma discharges and their use in thin-film processing. Plasma processing is a high-technology discipline born out of the need to access a parameter space in materials processing unattainable by strictly chemical methods. The field is interdisciplinary, combining the areas of plasma physics, surface science, gas-phase chemistry, and atomic molecular physics. The common theme is the creation and use of plasmas to activate a chain of chemical reactions at a substrate surface. Our treatment is mainly restricted to discharges at low pressures, < 1 Torr, which deliver activation energy, but not heat, to the surface. Plasma-based surface processes are indispensable for manufacturing the integrated circuits used by the electronics industry, and we use thin-film processes drawn from this field as examples. Plasma processing is also an important technology in the aerospace, automotive, steel, biomedical, and toxic waste management industries.

Chapter Headings

CHAPTER 1 - Introduction
CHAPTER 2 - Basic Plasma Equations and Equilibrium
CHAPTER 3 - Atomic Collisions
CHAPTER 4 - Plasma Dynamics
CHAPTER 5 - Diffusion and Transport
CHAPTER 6 - DC Sheaths
CHAPTER 7 - Chemical Reactions and Equilibrium
CHAPTER 8 - Molecular Collisions
CHAPTER 9 - Chemical Kinetics and Surface Processes
CHAPTER 10 - Particle and Energy Balance in Discharges
CHAPTER 11 - Capacitive Discharges
CHAPTER 12 - Inductive Discharges
CHAPTER 13 - Wave-Heated Discharges
CHAPTER 14 - DC Discharges
CHAPTER 15 - Etching
CHAPTER 16 - Deposition and Implantation
CHAPTER 17 - Dusty Plasmas
CHAPTER 18 - Kinetic Theory of Discharges
APPENDIX A - Collision Dynamics
APPENDIX B - The Collision Integral
APPENDIX C - Diffusion Solutions for Variable Mobility Model

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