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I will be presenting our newest publication on the OpenArm 2.0 data release at EMBC Berlin! Swing by the Ignite (We - 02) short talk …

While there exist a number of mechanically sophisticated exoskeletons and prostheses, with articulations similar to that of the intact …

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We present a novel neural-network-based pipeline for segmentation of 3D muscle and bone structures from localized 2D ultrasound data of …

Surface electromyography is currently the sensing modality of choice for control of biosignal-driven prostheses and exoskeletons; …

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. OpenArm 2.0: Automated Segmentation of 3D Tissue Structures for Multi-Subject Study of Muscle Deformation Dynamics. In EMBC, 2019.

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. Fully Automated Echocardiogram Interpretation in Clinical Practice: Feasibility and Diagnostic Accuracy. In Circulation, 2018.

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. Musculoskeletal Modeling for Physical HRI. In WiR III Workshop, RSS, 2017.


. Sensor-Driven Musculoskeletal Dynamic Modeling. In EMBC, 2016.

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. Sensor-Driven Musculoskeletal Dynamic Modeling. UCB/EECS-2016-66, 2016.

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. TERSat: Trapped Energetic Radiation Satellite. In AIAA/USU SmallSat, 2012.


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I’ve had a great experience mentoring students through all of the following programs; I encourage you to check them out and volunteer yourself!