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See our newest publication on time series muscle deformation and tracking at BioRob 2020! Presentation time and details TBD.

Come (virtually) check out our interactive poster on the OpenArm project at the Orthopaedics - General session of vASB! If you’re …

While there exist a number of mechanically sophisticated exoskeletons and prostheses, with articulations similar to that of the intact …

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Despite the utility of musculoskeletal dynamics modeling, there exists no safe, noninvasive method of measuring in vivo muscle output …

We present a novel neural-network-based pipeline for segmentation of 3D muscle and bone structures from localized 2D ultrasound data of …

Surface electromyography is currently the sensing modality of choice for control of biosignal-driven prostheses and exoskeletons; …

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. Muscle Deformation Correlates with Output Force during Isometric Contraction. In BioRob, 2020.

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. OpenArm 2.0: Automated Segmentation of 3D Tissue Structures for Multi-Subject Study of Muscle Deformation Dynamics. In EMBC, 2019.

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. Fully Automated Echocardiogram Interpretation in Clinical Practice: Feasibility and Diagnostic Accuracy. In Circulation, 2018.

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. Musculoskeletal Modeling for Physical HRI. In WiR III Workshop, RSS, 2017.


. Sensor-Driven Musculoskeletal Dynamic Modeling. In EMBC, 2016.

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. Sensor-Driven Musculoskeletal Dynamic Modeling. UCB/EECS-2016-66, 2016.

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