12/14/2019 Final Submission

To submit your paper (by 12/17/2019, AOE), please go to the project page and "edit" your project.

There is a separate BROWSE button for both the poster and paper to upload (which you can do individually over multiple edits). You can also update either of them until submission time.

12/5/2019 Final Paper

Just to put this in one place: Final paper specifications:

  1. 10 pages, double column, conference format. Bibliography doesn't have to count toward 10 pages
  2. Must have related work section
  3. Also, plan on a future work and/or discussion section
  4. Make sure that your METRICs of success are clear and that you refer to them in your evaluation.

11/25/2019 Office Hours No office hours this week. I am travelling
10/13/2019 Office Hours

No office hours tomorrow. I am travelling.

For those of you who may still want to discuss your projects, that's ok: the proposal is a "Living Document" and will be modified as we go.
10/11/2019 Projects Now that the infrastructure is back, please register your projects (complete with a 1 paragraph abstract and google-doc proposal). Do this by Monday...
9/12/2019 Readings! I have now posted readings #6-#8! Hopefully I'll keep the reading list up-to-date so that you have plenty of time to read the papers...
9/11/2019 Reading#5 Reading #5 is now up! Sorry for the delay. It is available here: Reading 5
8/28/2019 Readings! Please read the first paper before the first class. It is available here: Reading 1

Welcome to CS262 for Fall 2019!