12/08/10 Office Hours

I got delayed today and didn't make it to my normal office hours. I will be around tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon from 1:00 to 2:30 if people want to stop in.

12/01/10 Extra Lecture We will be having an optional lecture on Monday, 12/6. It will be in the normal room at the normal time (i.e. 277 Cory Hall, 4:00PM-5:30PM).
12/01/10 Section There will be sections this Friday.
11/22/10 Project 4 The Project 4 design review deadline has been moved to Wednesday, 11/24 @11:59pm.
10/25/10 Midterm I I've posted the solutions to Midterm I on the handouts page.
10/18/10 Midterm I Just to be clear: Midterm I is in 155 Dwinelle from 6:00pm - 9:00pm on Monday, 10/18.
10/16/10 Midterm I The review session for Midterm I will be in 306 Soda Hall from 7:00pm-9:00pm on Sunday, 10/17.
9/27/10 Project 1 Note that you are not allowed to use global variables in the boat problem (number VI) for Project 1. Think of question VI as a physical simulation in which you must only use information that would be available to physical people, physical islands, or physical boats. For instance, a count of people currently on an island is ok, as long as it is achieved by each person incrementing/decrementing a variable as the arrive/leave an island.
9/09/10 Groups

I've posted an updated set of group assignments. Most of the section assignments have not changed, but you should check anyway.

If anything is incorrect, please make sure to contact us (cs162 AT

9/08/10 Groups Tentative Group assignments have been posted on the Group/Section Assignments link. Please check for your group. If you are not on this list, let us know right away.
8/27/10 CS162 No Sections Today!
Welcome to CS162 for Fall 2010!