Kubiatowicz Awards/Publicity
Here are links to some of the research awards that I have received: Here are some teaching awards: (My HKN teaching ratings HERE)
  • Berkeley IT Award for Excellence in Undergraduate CS Teaching, Fall 2000
  • Diane S. McEntyre Award for Excellence in Teaching, Spring 2003
Here is some press about OceanStore:
  • US News and World Report: An Ocean of Knowledge, December 29, 2003
  • Computerworld: On its way: A new Internet, December 8, 2003
  • Byline: Researchers are building a new Net, one layer at a time. 
  • MIT Technology Review: The Internet Reborn, October 2003
  • Tech News World version: The Internet Reborn, October 23, 2003
  • Silicon Valley Biz Ink: Global research project aims to upgrade the Web, July 03, 2003
  • UC Berkeley News: UC Berkeley researchers help Internet evolve with launch of PlanetLab test-bed, June 24, 2003
  • Related: on PlanetLab site
  • Related: Internet News: PlanetLab 'Slices' Into Alternate Internet Universe, June 24, 2003
  • Silicon Valley Biz Ink: Great Global Grid, February 14-20, 2003
  • Berkeley Engineering Lab Notes: Diving Into An Ocean Of Storage, December 2002
  • Computerworld: Berkeley Developing Worldwide Storage System, June 2001
  • Wall Street Journal: Berkeley Professor Has a Plan to Turn the Net Into a Vast Hard Drive, April 23, 2001
  • Computerworld: R&D Gems, January 31, 2001
  • Byline: Companies are already lining up to adopt some of the coolest technologies from university research labs 
  • UC Berkeley Press Release: Press Release, January 24, 2001
  • Byline: To protect computerized documents from power blackouts, store them on Internet, says UC Berkeley researcher
  • Related, Newsfactor Network: Researchers Tout Blackout-Proof Internet Data Storage, January 24, 2001
  • ZDNet News: Peer-to-peer monsters are on the way, January 9, 2001
  • Forbes: Everywhere Network, January 8, 2001
  • Byline: Store and retrieve your files anywhere. No more firewalls. Is this the next Net?