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Kam Y. Lau

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Professor Emeritus

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
University of California at Berkeley

253 Cory Hall # 1770
Berkeley CA 94720-1770

Phone: 510-642-3214
FAX: 510-643-7846

The easiest way to reach me is by email:
klau at eecs dot berkeley dot edu

Administrative Assistant:
Phone: 510-642-3214
FAX: 510-643-7846
TBD at eecs dot berkeley dot edu

bird's eye view of nasa deep space network
(dsn) at goldstone, mojave desert, ca

                     prof. lau's group at dsn, circa 1995


graduation '96,jpg


GRADUATION'96.JPGis self-explanatory. Prof. Lau's students graduated en-mass that year. The other photoProf. Lau's group at DSN, circa 1995was taken during a field trip to “Deep Space Network” at Mojave Desert in Southern California where a constellation of big antennas (the largest one in the foreground measures 70m in diameter) are used by NASA to track and communicate with unmanned deep space probes. To meet the extreme sensitivity requirement for tracking of and communicating with these spacecrafts venturing to the edge of the solar system or beyond, all antennas are synchronized to a remote precise hydrogen maser clock, enabling the antenna constellation to function as a single giant antenna using “phase-arrayed” concept. The antennas are networked together using microwave fiber-optic links - the topic of research in Prof. Lau's group at the time. Prof. Lau partook in the design and construction of that network at JPL (Jet Laboratory) Propulsion while pursuing his doctoral thesis research at CALTECH. (See US PATENT # 4287606 in U.S. Patent Section in "cv" link on this page.)

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