Kundalini Bibliography

Version 1.05, January 2001

Copyright Kurt Keutzer, 1998 (keutzer@eecs.berkeley.edu)

The following is a bibliography of works related to Kundalini. This is a first draft version and focuses primarily on works in English from the Indian and Tibetan traditions, although there are a few works in Sanskrit, Hindi and Tibetan as well. The status of the different areas is noted at the titles. Status currently ranges from very incomplete to nearly comprehensive. The ultimate goal of the bibliography is to be focused and comprehensive and it is the former property that gives any hope of allowing for the latter. As a result this bibliography focused on works of teachers and traditions which are primarily associated with kundalini. While many spiritual traditions acknowledge that kundalini is essential to spiritual development, only those that awaken it consciously are included here. Also while kundalini is central to tantra, a bibliography of tantra has not been attempted here. Given those caveats this work does attempt to survey both traditional sources and contemporary teachers of the broad family of kundalini yogas. The order within topics is intended to be chronological. No hidden messages are intended in either the grouping, ordering or inadvertent deletion of a teacher or lineage.

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