Katerina Fragkiadaki

I am interested in building machines that understand the stories that videos portray, and, inversely, on using videos to teach machines about the world.

I am currently an Assistant Professor at the Machine Learning Department in Carnegie Mellon University. Before that I was a post doctoral researcher with the video group at Google Research in Mountainview. Before that I spent two wonderful years as a post doctoral researcher at the Computer Vision laboratory at UC Berkeley, working with Prof. Jitendra Malik. I completed my Ph.D. in the GRASP Laboratory, at the University of Pennsylvania, where I was advised by Prof. Jianbo Shi. Before that I was in NTUA and before that I was in Crete.

The pen-ultimate goal is to build a machine that understands movie plots, and the ultimate a goal is to build a machine that would want to watch Bergman over this.

Dear prospective graduate students: There is no need to email, please submit your application to our School following the links here: MLD Ph.D. or R.I. Ph.D. .

8015 Gates Hillman
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA, 94720-1758
katef 'at'


Deep Reinforcement Learning and Control, Spring 2017, MLD, CMU (webpage to come soon)

Current Graduate Students

Adam Harley, R.I., Ph.D.
Fish Tung, MLD, Ph.D.
Arpit Agarwal, R.I, Masters
Henry Huang, MLD, Masters



Learning Feature Hierarchies from Long-Range Temporal Associations in Videos
Panna Felsen, Katerina Fragkiadaki, Jitendra Malik and Alexei Efros
Workshop on Transfer and Multi-task Learning, in conjunction with NIPS 2015
Learning Predictive Visual Models of Physics for Playing Billiards
Katerina Fragkiadaki*, Pulkit Agrawal*, Sergey Levine and Jitendra Malik
ICLR 2016
Recurrent Network Models for Human Dynamics
Katerina Fragkiadaki, Sergey Levine, Panna Felsen and Jitendra Malik
ICCV 2015
paper | project page
Human Pose Estimation with Iterative Error Feedback
Joao Carreira, Pulkit Agrawal, Katerina Fragkiadaki, and Jitendra Malik
paper|project page with code
Learning to Segment Moving Objects in Videos
Katerina Fragkiadaki, Pablo Arbelaez, Panna Felsen and Jitendra Malik
CVPR 2015
paper | poster | bibtex | project page with code
Grouping-Based Low-Rank Video Completion and 3D Reconstruction
Katerina Fragkiadaki, Marta Salas, Pablo Arbelaez, and Jitendra Malik
NIPS 2014
paper | poster | bibtex | project page with code
Pose from Flow and Flow from Pose
Katerina Fragkiadaki, Han Hu, and Jianbo Shi
CVPR 2013
paper | poster | bibtex
Two Granularity Tracking: Mediating Trajectory and Detection Graphs for Tracking under Occlusions
Katerina Fragkiadaki, Weiyu Zhang, Geng Zhang, and Jianbo Shi
ECCV 2012
paper | poster | bibtex | project page with code
Video Segmentation by tracing Discontinuities in a Trajectory Embedding
Katerina Fragkiadaki, Geng Zhang, and Jianbo Shi
CVPR 2012
paper | poster | bibtex | project page with code
Structural-Flow Trajectories for Unravelling Tubular Structure Bundles
Katerina Fragkiadaki, Weiyu Zhang, Jianbo Shi, and Elena Bernardis
MICCAI 2012 (oral presentation)
paper | slides | bibtex
Detection-free Tracking: Exploiting Motion and Topology for Segmenting and Tracking under Entanglement
Katerina Fragkiadaki and Jianbo Shi
CVPR 2011
paper | poster | bibtex
Figure-Ground Image Segmentation Helps Semi-Supervised Learning of Objects
Katerina Fragkiadaki and Jianbo Shi
ECCV 2010
paper | poster | bibtex


Matlab/C code for Large Displacement Optical Flow (LDOF) here.