Justine's Coffee Recs

Like all native Seattleites, I'm in love with coffee. Here are some places that meet my deliciousness demands to keep me happy as I travel.

Note: I don't do drip or pour-overs, just espresso, so go see what Maggie has for recs instead if you like those things. Also, Jake on how to make your own.



San Francisco/Other Bay Area

Cambridge (UK)

* Aussies, yes, it is a UK-Style flat white, sorry, and frankly I don't even know what you're talking about when you say yours are different. Americans: see here.


Melbourne (Australia)

I actually have no particular recommendations -- I didn't even spend a week there -- but to note that I didn't have a bad cup of coffee the whole time I was there. Every random cafe, even the corner cart in the conference center, had something good, often excellent, to drink. I have since learned that all Australians are far better coffee snobs than I am!