Feb 17: There will be no class on Wednesday, 2/18.

Feb 2: The due date for Homework 1 has been moved to Monday, 2/9.

Jan 29: There were a couple of minor typos/bugs in Homework 1: (1) as pointed out in class, the m should be a \phi in problem 3 (in two places), and (2) in problem 5, the matrix A needs to be a symmetric matrix. A corrected version of the homework is now available on the course website.

Jan 26: I will not be holding office hours on Tues, Jan 27th. Office hours will start on Thurs, Jan 29th. Please contact me by email if you have questions or problems that need to be addressed before then.

Jan 26: Please use the "Email signup" on the course homepage for adding your name to the course mailing list.