Jonah Brown-Cohen

Email: jonahbc AT cs DOT berkeley DOT edu

I am a third-year graduate student in the U.C. Berkeley Theory Group advised by Prasad Raghavendra. Prior to coming to Berkeley I got my B.S. in Math and M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford.

I am interested in the complexity of constraint satisfaction problems, approximation algorithms, hardness of approximation and spectral graph theory among other things.


The matching problem has no small symmetric SDP. [arxiv].

Gabor Braun, Jonah Brown Cohen, Arefin Huq, Sebastian Pokutta, Prasad Raghavendra, Aurko Roy, Benjamin Weitz and Daniel Zink.

Combinatorial Optimization Algorithms via Polymorphisms. [arxiv]

Jonah Brown Cohen and Prasad Raghavendra.

A Topological Method for Three-Dimensional Symmetry Detection in Images. [pdf]

Jonah Brown Cohen.
Mathematics Honors Thesis advised by Gunnar Carlsson, 2011.